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Should UFOs be taught in schools? by Rupert

Should UFOs be taught in schools?

Should UFOs be taught in school?
Some people don't think so some do. Some people just reckon they are people seeing things. Some think they are real and they are going to take them away.

Are there such things as UFOs?
It depends what you think about UFOs and what they do and if you believe in them.

  • Some say they are just street lights.
  • Some say they are just train lights.

  • Some say they are just aeroplane lights.


  • Some say the Ministry of Defence are keeping something to themselves.

  • Some say lights were spotted in Australia in a formation which was very very unusual.
Where are you most likely to find UFOs?
People say you are most likely to see a UFO in the countryside and not very likely to see them in cities. Some say they make crop circles in crop fields.

What we know about UFOs?
People who claim to of seen them say they are circular with 3 lights.


I think UFOs should be taught in schools.

Should UFOs be taught in school? By Philippa

A UFO is a unidentified flying object.
Most people say that they could be an alien spaceship.
Some people say that UFOs don't exist whilst other people say they do.

Evidence for:
UFOs make crop circles in crop fields.It is usually in the countryside.
I saw three spinning lights in the sky at 9.30pm, very scary.

Evidence Against
Light's were seen in Australia but people say they were lights from houses.
Some people say that they are lights from light houses.

Quotes for:
I don't think they are real because there is no proof.
A man said you are likely to see them in Scotland.

Quotes against:
Some said that UFOs don't exist.
"It's a bit silly because if UFOs were planning to invade us why have they not invaded us yet?"

Beliefs & Opinions:
I saw 3 lights spinning in the sky they must exist.

I think UFOs should be taught in school because children learn things earlier.
An education is to learn things for the future.

UFOs - Do they exist? by Ben


U.F.Os (unidentified flying objects) are said to be seen in a lot of places, but are they nothing but nonsense. Hopefully we can decipher that now.

For and against

Many people have seen flashing lights, but these people have reasons for them such as aircraft lights on the other hand these lights weren't making noises. It could have been lights from lighthouses although others say the lights wasn't coming from the ground, so it can't be lighthouses. Some people have said that the lights could be Christmas lights but that's just ridiculous, why would someone put Christmas lights so high up?


So, you could go on forever with excuses, but eventually there is only one conclusion.
U.F.O.s exist because that's the only appropriate reason for the lights in the sky.

Should UFOs be taught in schools? By Kristian

Should UFOs be taught in schools?
We don't know if UFOs be taught in schools because they are probably a joke.Here are what children think this is Liam aged 9 he said "I think that they shouldn't because there not real" and this is what Fred aged 10 said "I think we should because even if there not real it still would be fun" what should we do.

UFOs locations to see them=Scotland,England,America,Indiana,Paris,Tennessee,Greater Manchester,Huntington but the best place to see UFOs is Scotland.

What does UFO stand for?
UFO stands for

Yes because there are signs of aliens life, they might be something like space bugs instead of big scary aliens.

No because kids will get nightmares and not want to go to school.

I think we should teach UFOs in school because the information might be important in the near future and if the child's parents don't want to they don't have to.

Should UFOs be taught in schools? by Emma

A UFO is a strange flying object which people say aliens fly these things. wen are trying to decide whether or not we should teach children about UFOs.
What have people seen?
People say different things . Some people are against it but some people are with it. The people with it say that there are large circles in there fields and with only a few crops that have been cut down.

People haven't seen them actually on the ground but they say they have seen them in the sky but it was only them and no one else has seen them at the same time.
What have people heard?
People have also say that they have heard vibrating and other strange noises.
What are UFOs?
A UFO comes in many different shapes and sizes. they fly very high in the sky and people say that they have red and orange lights coming from the bottom and they have see through top.
So are they real
UFOs are not real but they should be taught in schools because children need to know what is going on out there.

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Should UFOs be taught in school?

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Should UFOs be taught in school?

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